sixdegrees e-blog: Iron Man 2

I’m a huge comic book fan, I still buy comic books(as opposed to viewing them on a computer). There was a period when I really enjoyed the Iron Man series, but I always felt Iron Man was a 2nd-tier marvel super hero and a poor man’s Batman. When the 1st Iron Man came out, I thought it was going to be a box-office dud, and the previews didn’t excite me. I still went to see it, since I’m a fan of director Jon Favreau. The movie grew on me after repeated viewings. Robert Downey Jr. was perfectly cast and I enjoyed the origin story(and the liberties they took with it). When Iron Man 2 hit theatres, I was expecting a darker version of Iron Man. But, we received more of the same, with good gags and a rather warm feeling of familiarity within the ┬ácharacters. Half way through the movie, I realized how much I like these people. The film is well directed and the cinematography, although not pushing the envelope, is strong. The “few” action scenes are fun but nothing you haven’t seen before, and I wish they were a lot more thrilling. The best thing about the movie are the little marvel comic/movie references that have the geek in me go “cool”. Overall, a fun popcorn movie that doesn’t quite exceeed the 1st outing. Bring on the Avengers!

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Movie Rating: 3.5 out 5

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