Patrizia + Angelo: Faith

It was a fun road to Patrizia and Angelo’s wedding. They’re really down to Earth and I enjoyed the times we spent at coffee shops and at they’re house. What stood out for us the most was the deep respect they have for another and the sense of fun. We live in a day where it’s not quite “in” to talk about faith, but Patrizia really believed in faith and some superstitions, and she often said faith led us to one another – and it truly did. Maybe because Patrizia and myself have roots that stem from the old country in Italy, maybe it’s the way Angelo and Alain shared their love for architecture, or maybe it’s just faith that we had such a serene and wonderful day together.

In any case, we thank Patrizia and Angelo for having faith in us…

Marco Paternostro

P.S. A big thank you to Marrone Video for recommending us.

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