sixdegrees e-blog: Elegant Wedding 2010

The Elegant Wedding show came and went. You know what they say about good things – they come in short spurts. This was Six Degrees 1st Elegant Wedding show and we were impressed. It was in the end “elegant”. We met a lot of people and interacted with a lot of vendors that in the end I felt relieved and yet overwhelmed. The wedding industry is quite big in Montreal and thankfully there’s enough for everyone to get a piece of the pie. Alain and myself have been shooting weddings for over 10 years consistently and I’m quite impressed how all of the wedding industry has evolved. As an example, Six Degrees, we specialize in photography and cinematography, and 10 years ago as a videographer I used to show up with one camera, an on-camera light and a tripod. We captured what the photographer was shooting, did some Mission: Impossible skits among others, and just made sure we were in focus and caught the action. Fast Forward to 2010, and the industry has changed quite a bit. We now show up with 2 videographers(sometimes even 3), we use glidecams, slidecams, POV cameras, photography cameras, lapel mics and so much more. The end product feels like a low-budget Hollywood film. Now the photographer and videographer work hand in hand, sometimes the videography takes precedence over photography.

At the show, we saw incredible lounge areas for your venue to incredible flower arrangements, to an actual photobooth. There were 10 feet marionettes, professional dancers, ballet acts. I mean you name it, it was there. And all these specialized forms of glamour are quite affordable. It is truly an exciting time to be getting married – there is so much talent in Montreal that I’m excited to be a part of it and learn from my collegues who I don’t see as competetors but as peers pushing the envelope.

To Elegant Wedding, a spectacular show once again, and thank you for inviting us.

Marco Paternostro

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