Janie + Gregory: “Music Loves Fashion” *A Save-the-Date Exclusive*

Janie & Gregory have many things in common. For one, they love one another – secondly, the love their friends and family – third, they love music.
When we sat down and discussed their save-the-date video, it was immediately apparent that they wanted to do something different. To their credit, they organized the entire scenario – from wardrobe to location. We had the simplest task, that of filming their incredible choreography.

One thing is for certain, their plans for the wedding day are quite eccentric and it’s going to be an “out of the box” wedding that’s for sure.

We are really eager to get to August 27, 2011 – we see a fun filled event with friends and family – and some surprises that we can’t reveal right now.

In Order of appearance from the last segment:

Derbenstein Renelick and Erica Lisa Dulgar
Ramses Herivaux and Helene Tshimbalanga
Caleb Noel et Fabiola Noel
Ricarleau Noel et Josianne Ouellet

(Bride & Groom) Janie Ouellet and Greg Noel

Thanks guys for all your great work,

Marco, Michael, & Alain.

Janie + Gregory: “From Disco to Hip Hop” *A Save-the-Date Exclusive* from Marco Paternostro on Vimeo.

One thought on “Janie + Gregory: “Music Loves Fashion” *A Save-the-Date Exclusive*

  • Marco, Michael and Alain!

    Simply…..A W E S O M E!!!! I LOOOOVE it!! You guys rock everytime…you always make it happen…Congrats!! Also, to Janie + Gregory and Co…you guys are STARS…your wedding is going to be a blast!


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