5 thoughts on “Carte Blanche

  • Wow! Epic, elegant and unique as usual … and like Francesca would say “positively pink”. Looking for to see the actual video.

  • Marco showcased a brief but very original preview of a couple’s wedding reception. Watching the swift shots of upcoming details married to the wonderful soundtrack of the Inception trailer made me feel part of a movie experience rather than just a wedding video experience. Marco’s film studies knowledge and artistic skill turns wedding memories into unforgettable life stories. Very beautifully done!

  • Du luxe avec un melange dramatique et anticipation de ce qui va ce passer..espoir et amour…
    regard vers l avenir…

    Voila quelques emotions que j ai ressenti en regardant ce bref apercu que Marco a filmer.

    C est allucinant d imaginer un mariage si parfait..et Marco a le talent pour accomplir tout ca..


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