Wine and Dine

This is a highlight reel of Brigitte and Sebastien’s wedding day. The wedding event was something different than the usual wedding event. It was at a vineyard in Sutton, and we lucked out with a warm sunny day. Brigitte was 3 months pregnant so we kept the pictures to a minimum. We didn’t want to tire her out to much. Sebastien was nervous but quickly adjusted to being the man of the day. This was our first shoot with the sony pmw-ex3. It performed beyond my expectations. For instance the “incredibly miniscule” chapel was dimly lit and the footage came out as if there was light everywhere. The cocktails were in the “dungeon” – the underground where they store the wine. We felt as if we were in a castle, great place for staging video and pictures. The evening was elegant, about 60 people who were close friends to the couple. I noticed this during the interview sections conducted by the best man. People had great anecdotes and stories. Overall, it was an adrenaline filled day where fatigue is only felt once your home in your bed. We were invited to stay and join the party in the evening. But we had a 2 hour trip ahead of us. It was pitch black outside, the GPS was not catching the satellite and the iphones were not able to make outbound calls. We were literally in our private world.

So take a look at the highlight reel, it was one of my favourite shoots.

-Marco Paternostro

Wine & Dine from Marco Paternostro on Vimeo.

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