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It almost never came to be. After an intense snowstorm on Wednesday, February 2nd, the Open House Gala was rescheduled the next day. Thankfully, all went well, and the Gala turned out to be a fun filled evening.

captured by Marco Paternostro for sixdegrees.

Check Joe’s Prop House for some great rental options for your next celebration:

Joe’s Prop House: 2011 VIP OPEN HOUSE *Trailer* from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

Looking for a unique light fixture, look no further than Premiere Luminaire. Check out their website:

Influenced heavily by Tron: Legacy, I wanted a certain weightlessness to come out.

Shot/Edited by: Marco Paternostro

Premiere Luminaire *Promotional Video* from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

Inspired by Jacob ads of a decade ago where ads had a story thread. We wanted to do something a little different, subliminal, ambigious, yet fashionable.
A bride needs to make the big descision, which dress does she choose, She ponders and imagines… In the end, she chooses the one…

Dresses: Christianne Brunelle
Location: The Loft
Cinematography: Six Degrees

Dreamscape – Promo for “Christianne Brunelle – couture nuptiale” from Marco Paternostro on Vimeo.

Manoir Rouville-Campbell hosts some of the most spectacular wedding events in Quebec.

Check them out:

Promotional Video shot by Marco Paternostro, Michael Paternostro, and Alain Doss for Six Degrees.

Manoir Rouville-Campbell *Be Part of History* from Marco Paternostro on Vimeo.

An open house concept presenting La maison du Macaron’s 6 new macaron flavours. The open house was a great success, people walked in from the St. Laurent sidewalk to “taste” and drink some bubbly.

The DJ put us in a trance with some hypnotic music, and chefs M. et Mme Crop dazzled us with there desserts and macarons.

You can visit there site:

or in person:4479 de la Roche (angle Mont-Royal)
Montréal (Québec) H2J 3J2
Tél. : 514 759-9290

Six Degrees Video was shot/edited by Marco Paternostro
Six Degrees Pictures provided by: Alain Doss

La maison du Macaron *Video Promotionnel* from Marco Paternostro on Vimeo.

Sixdegrees was honored that Patricia, owner of Dolci Piu allowed us to do a featurette of her pastry/chocolaterie shop. Alain and I, not only had a great time with the staff but were salivating at the delicious treats on hand. You’ve got to try the “Dolci Piu” pastry, it’s to die for! Check them out at In the meantime, check out the featurette showcasing their location on 849 Decarie, Ville St. Laurent, 514.855.8922.

Dolci Piu from Marco Paternostro on Vimeo.