Joe’s Prop House: 2011 VIP OPEN HOUSE *Trailer*

It almost never came to be. After an intense snowstorm on Wednesday, February 2nd, the Open House Gala was rescheduled the next day. Thankfully, all went well, and the Gala turned out to be a fun filled evening. captured by Marco Paternostro for sixdegrees. Check Joe’s Prop House for some great rental options for your […]

Dreamscape: The Chosen – “Christianne Brunelle Promo Video”

Inspired by Jacob ads of a decade ago where ads had a story thread. We wanted to do something a little different, subliminal, ambigious, yet fashionable. A bride needs to make the big descision, which dress does she choose, She ponders and imagines… In the end, she chooses the one… Dresses: Christianne Brunelle Location: The […]