Dreamscape: The Chosen – “Christianne Brunelle Promo Video”

Inspired by Jacob ads of a decade ago where ads had a story thread. We wanted to do something a little different, subliminal, ambigious, yet fashionable. A bride needs to make the big descision, which dress does she choose, She ponders and imagines… In the end, she chooses the one… Dresses: Christianne Brunelle Location: The […]

Janie + Gregory: “Music Loves Fashion” *A Save-the-Date Exclusive*

Janie & Gregory have many things in common. For one, they love one another – secondly, the love their friends and family – third, they love music. When we sat down and discussed their save-the-date video, it was immediately apparent that they wanted to do something different. To their credit, they organized the entire scenario […]

Hasti + Michael: I Carry Your Heart With Me

Hasti & Michael’s Highlight reel revolves around E.E. Emerson’s poem “I Carry Your Heart With Me” which was read during the ceremony. There were many highlights throughout, including very heartfelt vows and some incredibly emotional speeches during the night. Hasti and Michael kept things light and fun, and in there their were a lot of […]

Carte Blanche – A Moment Between Lovers

A more intimate, dreamy teaser for Carte Blanche, concentrating solely on a couple’s moments before their wedding. Captured by Alain Doss and Marco Paternostro Captured with Nikon D3S, Sony PMW EX3, Canon 7D, GoPro Inspired by the Twilight Trailer. The Full-Lenght Video Carte Blanche – A Moment Between Lovers from Marco Paternostro on Vimeo. Soon.