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Hi Folks,

It’s been awhile and the blog’s been a little neglected, but we’re back, and we’re going to bring you some fun stuff back on this blog.

Stayed tuned for a lot of updates and fun facts about the wedding scene.


Marco Paternostro

20 years together, they decided to make it official with a splendid ceremony at The Loft in Montreal.

Together with Nathalie and Erich, we constructed this next-day edit to fit their theme. From the choice of music to the small details that mean so much to them, it was a pleasure to have realized their vision.

Story by: Nathalie + Erich.
Captured by: Michael Paternostro, Marco Paternostro
Edited by: Marco Paternostro
Graphic Segments Edited by: Michael Paternostro
Photography by: Jennifer Pontarelli, Alain Doss

Nathalie + Erich: 20 Years in the Making *NDE* from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

It almost never came to be. After an intense snowstorm on Wednesday, February 2nd, the Open House Gala was rescheduled the next day. Thankfully, all went well, and the Gala turned out to be a fun filled evening.

captured by Marco Paternostro for sixdegrees.

Check Joe’s Prop House for some great rental options for your next celebration:

Joe’s Prop House: 2011 VIP OPEN HOUSE *Trailer* from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

Featuring music from “Roads”, a little playful video revolving around Dimitra and Chris’ laissez-faire attitude with a motif involving the preparation for the wedding.

Thanks for a fabulous day, we had an amazing time shooting and enjoying the party.

Shot by Marco Paternostro & Daniela Vladescu for sixdegrees

Titles by: Michael Paternostro

Roads Photos By: Alain Doss

We’d like to thank ROADS for allowing us to use their song:

Dimitra + Chris: 7 Steps from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

A deeply loving celebration revolving around two souls who couldn’t keep their eyes off one another.

Highlights include Niloofar’s RX-8 drive to Vaudreuil, Jayson’s eloquent vows, and the great speeches during the evening.

Shot by Michael Paternostro & Marco Paternostro for sixdegrees.

Niloofar + Jayson: Mad About You from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

A trailer showcasing scenes from Heidi + Mike’s wedding that took place at the Sofitel Golden Mile Hotel.

Video captured by: Marco Paternostro & Alain Doss for sixdegrees.

Heidi + Mike: A Sofitel Wedding *Trailer* from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

A little comedy sketch-parody poking fun at the concept of save-the-date. Usually it involves deep intense emotions, this one does also, but of a different kind.

Natalie & Oliver were good sports and they came up with all the jokes and gags.

It was an enjoyable snowy afternoon shoot, lots of laughs, lots of bruises, and lots of chocolate.

July 23rd can’t get here soon enough!

Team Natalie – Team Oliver *save-the-date* from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

November 6, 2010 highlights from the Elegant Wedding Showcase, brought to life by Mose Persico.

A lighter side to Elegant Wedding – using Mose’s humour as an anchor.

Shot by Marco Paternostro.

Elegant Wedding Showcase with Mose Persico from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

Looking for a unique light fixture, look no further than Premiere Luminaire. Check out their website:

Influenced heavily by Tron: Legacy, I wanted a certain weightlessness to come out.

Shot/Edited by: Marco Paternostro

Premiere Luminaire *Promotional Video* from sixdegrees on Vimeo.

It’s 2011, and as we look to a renewed year of more great photography and more awesome videos – we take a step back and reflect on an outstanding 2010.
2010 was a big year for sixdgrees – we strived to give ourself an identity and be visible in the industry.

We did 3 shows, Let’s Get Married; Elegant Wedding; Maddy K Bridal Boudoir; we met a lot of people in the industry and came to appreciate the talent Montreal has to offer.We also grew in staff, adding extremely talented shooters and editors to our group.

The highlights of 2010 started with Maki & Jason’s incredible reception at the St. Ambroise brewery and ended with Carla and Pierre’s epic Notre-Dame basilique wedding. In between those shoots, we were witness to lots of emotions, stemming from Steve’s beautifully written letter to his bride-to-be Caroline to Roberto’s Bon Jovi tribute to Kimberly. Their were a lot of great stories that we expressed in our blog about each and every couple because the sixdegrees experience is about going beyond just the day of the wedding. Alain and I. most of all appreciated the time meeting our clients, from the casual wine drinking to the getting to know one another. Those were the fondest memories for us.

So: what does 2011 have in store for us?
Well for one thing, we’re going to drive the ante up for video – expanding on the cinematic look all the while retaining the emotional and fun style.
We’re also introducing more talented photographers who bring their own unique and creative look to photography.
And most importantly, we’re maintaining our top quality customer service to our bride and groom while continuing to produce stellar finished products.

To Health and Happiness, To 2011,

Marco Paternostro/Alain Doss

Maki + Jason: Relaxing

Deborah + Pino: Magnetic Chemistry

Kimberly + Roberto: Wow Factor

Maggie + Bobby: Photobooth

A Carte Blanche Wedding

Liza wearing a Christianne Brunelle Gown

Lisa + Max: Intercontinental Wedding

Christine + Daniel: Vintage